Friday, February 16, 2007

How I started earning $1000 a week from adult web sites

About a year ago I decided I wanted to quit my job and start living off the websites I had started to build. At the time I was running adsense on a network of around 20 sites, making around $1 a day from each site. I was positive that I could start making better earnings if I quit my job and started devoting more time to my sites. With a little work I though I would be able to increase earnings to around $5-10 each site, but I couldn’t do this whilst I had a full time job. As a fallback I would do some website design during this time to supplement the adsense income, as living off $20 a day for a while didn’t sound too promising.

At my job I was pulling in around $700 a week as a clerical assistant at an engineering company, but I was prepared to take a major pay cut for a while until my sites were established, and once they were I was happy even if I was making a little less money – as I was doing something I liked.

I had a bit of money saved up in case things didn’t go very well, but it was only enough to last me for around a month, and this was taking into account earning a minimum of $30 a day from my sites. If I earned less than that, the money would run out a lot quicker. I also saved up some capital to develop my sites, which included a lot of money for SEO, and marketing of my sites.

All the sites were quite varied, and some I was a lot more interested in than others and was a bit skeptical that I would actually work on the ones I wasn’t interested in. Nonetheless I made the bold move to quite my job and start working from home.

Now, if you have never worked at home before I am going to tell you now, that it requires discipline. At first I thought I was on some kind of permanent holiday, so I would sleep in every day, go over to my computer, surf the net for a while, chat with friends of mine at college, ect. But not do a hell of a lot of work. Probably averaged a couple of hours a day.

I will tell you now that if you quit your job; be prepared to actually work for as many hours at home as you would at work. For most, this means 40 hours a week of solid work. And this doesn’t mean sitting around browsing webmaster forums all day, or playing computer games for most of the day, then doing a couple of hours of work in the afternoon when you start to feel guilty.

During this time I slowly started to build up the income from my network of sites, but this wasn’t nearly enough as I had imagined. I wasn’t able to support myself with my sites, and I wasn’t prepared to put in 40 hours of work a week to update and improve a whole lot of websites I had little interest in.

Within 2 months I had run out of money, and the money I was getting from adsense was only marginally more than it was when I quit my job. During this time I was desperately browsing webmaster forums for help with my situation. I came across some webmaster boards for adult websites, and this gave me the idea to start in the adult webmaster business. But at the time it was too confusing and nobody was helpful.

On another boards I got the idea to start promoting affiliate programs; so I signed up for clickbank and commission junction and chose some programs to promote. I spent about a month with these and after my earnings were negligible I gave up.

One day whilst browsing a webmaster board I saw a guy advertising a report to make money in the adult webmaster business. At the time I had ZERO dollars in my paypal account, and probably $25 in my bank account! My girlfriend who was planning on moving in with me that year reconsidered her offer, and threatened several times to break up with me if I didn’t get my act together and get a job. When I saw this report I wanted to give it a read, but didn’t really want to waste any more money paying for something that wouldn’t help me… So I made a very bold move to PM the guy and ask for it for free. He of course declined and said it was only $30 blah, blah, you’ll make your money back ect. ect. I didn’t believe him but wrote a follow on message to his reply saying that if he was so sure of his guide, he should give it to me for free and I would give him the $30 when I earned it from using the ‘secret’ techniques in his guide. I thought he would decline but it was worth a try. I also gave him my MSN to talk to me about it.

Over the next day or so I chatted with him a lot. Finally he (Greg) decided I could have a free copy and I would give him the money once I started earning it. The guide, which was only relatively short, gave me everything I needed to start my website for free. Within the first week I had started 3 sites which were making income, within a month I was making as much income as I had been with adsense. Within 4 months I was making $800 a week with my network of adult web sites. Around this time I sold my Adsense sites that I had neglected for all this time and started to devote more time to the adult sites. Greg’s guide helped me make money from scratch (as he had said), that is, a zero investment.

Over time, we became better friends and still talk over MSN when we get the chance. I am making around $1000 a week, and Greg never even charged me for the guide. Since I feel I owe him at least something for his help, here is a link to the new website he has set up: I believe he even named the guide after me! Anyway, it is worth taking a look for anybody interested in making their start in the adult web site business.


Rich said...

Hmmm, that site doesn't work!

Squish said...

So where is the registration?

Daniel said...

Yeah, I'm wondering where exactly we go to sign up for this...the site has no method.

Michael Scott said...
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Michael Scott said...

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Roger said...

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tom said...

Dont believe everything you read. Do you really think someone will give away all the secrets to success in the adult industry? It has teken me eight years to figure it all out, that time is worth way too much money, and from what I see, they dangle big money in front of you, when you can make realistic, faster money working affiliate programs. In reality, unless you have a unique niche with lots of new content, your new site will be lost in a sea of other sites with no traffic. Try an affiliate program such as and promote their already existing sites and earn money the first day with no output. I earn about 200 bucks a week on their program, not bad extra cash. Either way, good luck and be careful where you spend your money.

Murray said...

Thanks alansmithee for your Post,

You put in some effort to share your experience with us, and your time and effort are appreciated.

However, the Title of your blog, brought us here, and we read it...

And, then we are left with nothing...The Site you mentioned ( doesn't further our interest or needs, which is why we came here in the first place.

I would have thought, if this story was correct and you did experience this then you would feel your debt to Greg would have been much better for him and for us (we're qualified/interested etc) to direct us to the "Link" of his report? Would have been handy.

My 2cents!


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RandomSource said...

The article sounds alright,it needs to be backed up by good information.The link in the article doesn't work.So it makes people wonder how much of the article is true.

jessi said...
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jessi said...
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Johnny Beaver said...

I can totally relate to this story, too bad your link is out of date.

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loki said...

As others have posted your link is out of date. I am also beginning in the adult online market. Only I am developing a live cam site. I just started a blog at to post about my successes and failures a long the way. I think I am doing it a little different because I don't want to use a turnkey site or become an affiliate. But thanks for the read.

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